Earn Income Creating Sites and Deploying Targeted Adverts

This idea is a guide to help you earn income creating sites and deploying targeted adverts. It involves creating a focused site within your targeted niche (such as road bicycles reviews) and then contacting bike websites such as Wiggle to offer them the opportunity to purchase space on your site for them to advertise their company and products. The benefits for them will be obvious as you'll be presenting them with data proving how many high value leads you can generate for them each day.


Beginner's Guide to Peer-to-Peer Lending in the UK

Peer review

Peer-to-Peer lending sites have grown phenomenally in recent years with sites such as Zopa and LendingWorks leading the way.

The concept is simple. Rather than leaving your cash to sit in low-interest savings accounts, you can lend it to creditworthy borrowers in the UK who are in search of more favourable terms than those offered by traditional lenders such as high street banks.

Often, you lend directly to individuals so the process is simplied and you pay less money in fees.

Passive Income through an Index Investing Portfolio

Don't be so quick to ignore this approach as it may seem boring but this is a topic I have written about extensively on Passive Income UK's sister site Index Investing.

You may not think investing is for you but look at it this way. If you can construct a collection of funds consisting of income paying share and bond indexes, you'll be able to generate your own passive income.

Create and sell an Ebook for passive income

This is an approach with is almost as popular as the website and affiliate sales link outlined above and for good reason!

I can absolutely guarantee that you're expert enough in one field or another that you could produce 60-80 pages of content on a niche you know well. Bundle this content into a single ebook to sell online and you could soon to bringing in at least £250 a month by networking online through sites such as LinkedIn or Twitter, through publishing guest blog posts on sites in your niche or by utilising easy to learn SEO skills. 


Using Affiliate Links on Your Blog to Make Money

Create a blog and use affiliate links

This is probably the most common approach to online passive income stream but it's also one of the easiest and most effective.

The idea is simple, you create a website, fill it with quality content and then use the hits your content will receive to direct your visitors towards products (often created by others).