Create and sell an Ebook for passive income

This is an approach with is almost as popular as the website and affiliate sales link outlined above and for good reason!

I can absolutely guarantee that you're expert enough in one field or another that you could produce 60-80 pages of content on a niche you know well. Bundle this content into a single ebook to sell online and you could soon to bringing in at least £250 a month by networking online through sites such as LinkedIn or Twitter, through publishing guest blog posts on sites in your niche or by utilising easy to learn SEO skills. 

You can even reverse engineer the above affiliate idea to pay affiliate of your own, so you'll have your own sales team in place in no time at all.

When you've created your ebook (a PDF is a fine way to start) you'll need to think about how much you're going to charge people for the priviledge of purchasing your blood, sweat and tears!

You'll want to be writing about something that has an audience who is willing to pay good money for your purchase, so it may not be an idea to write a 'Don't Spend Any Money This Month!' ebook and then expect people to part with their hard-earned!

Once you've started to have success with your PDF ebook, it isn't a difficult step to transform the product into something that can be sold in the Amazon Kindle store which will further open up your market. This is particularly lucrative around the Christmas season when people are looking for something to read on their new devices.

We'll cover selling on Amazon and Apple stores in greater detail but these services have an ideal pricing-point so it's worth doing your research first. Under £10.00 seems to be popular.

Whilst the Amazon and Apple routes will open you up to new marketers, the real success will come from selling your product to your hardcore followers, either on Twitter, Facebook or another social networking site. This once again emphasises the important of building a following.

Affiliate sites such as Clickbank are a fantastic way to find people to sell your product for you. The key here is to get your product in front of as many interested eyeballs as possible and then let your content speak for itself!