Earn Income Creating Sites and Deploying Targeted Adverts

This idea is a guide to help you earn income creating sites and deploying targeted adverts. It involves creating a focused site within your targeted niche (such as road bicycles reviews) and then contacting bike websites such as Wiggle to offer them the opportunity to purchase space on your site for them to advertise their company and products. The benefits for them will be obvious as you'll be presenting them with data proving how many high value leads you can generate for them each day.

The creative part comes in what you can offer them. Whereas once upon a time you may well have just slapped a banner ad in your header and moved on, nowadays you could offer Wiggle the opportunity to drop in a plugin which will allow users to search their stock directly from your site. This is incredibly powerful and the extra element of engagement is invaluable when it comes to attaining higher click-through rates.

If the company you're targeting doesn't have a plugin you can drop into your site, you may be able to offer one of their marketing team the chance to write a guest blog post on your site or just good old fashioned text links.

This method does require you to generate lots of traffic through to your site. A recent check on Google suggests that the average click through price paid by advertisers averages somewhere around the 50p mark.

The handy thing is that once you have one site up and running, you can comfortably add a second... and a third and before you know it you'll have an empire of profitable mini-sites bringing in income.

Using this idea, I firmly believe you too can earn income creating sites and deploying targeted adverts in the UK.

Now, get writing!