Generate Income Comparing Products

Product comparison

To demonstrate this idea of how you can generate income comparing products online I'm going to use the road bikes as my 'guinea pig' product. 

It's important that you pick a good niche for this idea, it'll need lots of different, intricate products available for purchase. It'll also require products that aren't straight forward to understand and compare, such as road bikes. You may well have been there yourself. As a road bike beginner you'll know doubt have looked at a huge list of different bikes and realise that you had no idea what it was you wanted to purchase.

Following on from idea 5, you'd create a site where you poured your heart and soul into reviewing, detailing and tutorialing road bikes. Think how to service how, how to change the wheels etc. Next you'd review road bikes themselves, comparing the pros and the cons of each. The compelling content you create will be the draw to pull potential customers into your site.

You really do need to make the content you create make it simple for customers to compare the products they're stuck between purchasing. Provide star-ratings, expert reviews, etc. The genius of this solution is that when they've decided what it is they want to purchase, they'll be clicking through affiliate links on your site straight through to the content they're about to purchase, earning you cashback!

This idea would also work with Amazon affiliate links. Pick a niche target product and get comparing! Using these ideas I firmly believe that you too can generate income comparing products online. Good luck.