How to Create a Passive Income Website in the UK

whatever you can do, or dream you can do... begin it now

Difficulty: Easy

How long will it take?: About 15 minutes

We've discussed extensively the many different approaches you can take to get your own passive income projects up and running and in this post we're going to learn to get your own website online in a very short amount of time.

Register your domain and set up hosting

To register a domain, you'll want to head over to Fasthosts. Fasthosts are a UK-based company who specialise in providing hosting and domains for millions of websites across the globe. I recommend Fasthosts because I use them myself and because they make website installation incredibly simple. They provide all-in-one packages to take care of your domain and hosting for an little as £1.99 per month.

Install WordPress on your hosting setup

Fasthosts provide a one-click installer tool which makes it incredibly easy to install WordPress on your brand new domain. Once installed, Wordpress will load and you'll be able to proceed with creating your new project site.

Purchase a WordPress theme

It's important your new site looks the part, so I'd recommend purchasing a professionally made theme from ThemeForest. 

Help the site play nicely with Google and bring in the traffic

Now you're ready to spend the time creating all that compelling content we talked about. Along the way, install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin and also use the All in One SEO plugin. Make sure you make use of the title and description fields provided from the All in One SEO module. 

Spend time at this stage really focusing on ways you can bring traffic to the site. It's better to test your idea now, rather than spend hundreds of hours creating content that nobody finds interesting.

Add affiliate links

If you're promoting products created by others, now is the time to begin to drip feed affiliate link advertisements across your site in relevant places. Make sure you're adverts fit your targeted niche.

Consider creating your own product

Rather than just concentrating on selling the products of others, you might want to consider creating and selling your own product.